Experience XOXO pop-up activities at venues and events across Pittsburgh. Click the calendar date to find out where we are.

Pop-ups may include these XOXO activities:

  • Love Letters: Explore the wonders of handwritten letters and how much love written words can convey.

  • Write & Shred: Draw or write what makes you angry or sad, and release those feelings as you crank it through a paper shredder. The shredded messages are placed in clear plastic ornaments or bottles to be transformed into decorations or a collaborative artwork.

  • Response Wall: Write or draw your responses to prompts such as, How has someone been kind to you? and What do you do when you feel mad?, then add your responses to a collaborative collection. Spend time reading other responses for a unique feeling of connectedness.

  • XOXO Wall: Pose with a loved one and message cards, take a picture, and share your photos on social media.

    *Please note: Not all activities will be available at all venues and events.

We’re adding new dates to the calendar all the time - check back!