Join the conversation about love and forgiveness. 


Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is bringing activities into the community that inspire thinking about love and forgiveness, and considering what makes us sad, mad and happy.

These activities, for children and adults, are fun and sometimes, surprising.  You may ask questions, listen and learn more about the people with you. You might learn a secret or discover a forgotten memory. You will definitely share, connect, think and feel.

So take a deep breath, and come on in.


XOXO: A Project about Love & Forgiveness has been made possible in part with support from The Grable Foundation and the Children’s Museum’s New Ideas Fund.

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In 2014, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh created the traveling exhibition XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness. Our goal was to create a space for people to explore their feelings through activities that encourage meaningful conversations about love and forgiveness.

Since then, the traveling exhibition has traveled to 12 locations across North America
and continues to spread the exploration of love and forgiveness.
The Museum has tracked visitor responses on social media along this journey.

Believing there is an ongoing need for people to explore and talk about love and forgiveness,
we created pop-up versions of the exhibition’s activities that can be
brought out of the Museum to venues and events in the community.

In 2019, the Children’s Museum will create the XOXO: A Project about Love & Forgiveness kit that can travel to communities that have experienced trauma to help those who need it most.



Experience XOXO pop-up activities at venues and events across Pittsburgh. Click the calendar date to find out where we are.

Pop-ups may include these XOXO activities:

  • Love Letters: Explore the wonders of handwritten letters and how much love written words can convey.

  • Write & Shred: Draw or write what makes you angry or sad, and release those feelings as you crank it through a paper shredder. The shredded messages are placed in clear plastic ornaments or bottles to be transformed into decorations or a collaborative artwork.

  • Response Wall: Write or draw your responses to prompts such as, How has someone been kind to you? and What do you do when you feel mad?, then add your responses to a collaborative collection. Spend time reading other responses for a unique feeling of connectedness.

  • XOXO Wall: Pose with a loved one and message cards, take a picture, and share your photos on social media.

    *Please note: Not all activities will be available at all venues and events.

We’re adding new dates to the calendar all the time - check back!


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